The Starkville-Mississippi State University Symphony Association was established March 2, 1969, in the home of David and Barbara Cornell. The premier concert was performed on November 24, 1969. The Symphony Chorus was organized in October 1972, and the first concert was performed February 10, 1973. The first program for children was presented October 2, 1975.

Charles E. Lewis
Thomas West
Pete Crowder
Edythe McArthur
John McArthur
Kent Payne
James Stewart
Guy Hargrove
Sherrie Glass
Wayne Webster
Douglas McConnell
Denise Rowan
Rod M. Chesnutt
Michael Bailey
Michael R. Brown

Jerry Williams
Lincoln Johnson
Julian Mingo
Michelle Johnson
Barbara Abril
Jamie Taylor
Jeffery Pappas
Oscar P. LaBarre
Linda Karen Smith
Ted Beverly

Donald Emerich
Carolyn Katz
Marion T. Loftin
Robert I. Phillips
Ed McGlone
Arnold J. Moore
Robert E. Wolverton
William D. Stark
Gary Myers
Elizabeth J. Hawkins
Denise Rowan
Charles "Chip" Templeton
Douglas Feig
Armando A. de la Cruz
Barbara P. McLaurin

Jorja Turnipseed
Barbara McKee
Julia Vissotto Saunders
Cheryl Upchurch
Elizabeth J. Hawkins
Katherine Conroy
Fairfax Montgomery
Marisa Bruner
Ellen Boles
Judith G. Housley
Tracey Millsaps
Frank Chiles
Joe Ray Underwood

•names in blue are the current leaders.